Around Feb 2002, Animanga Crossing was born. This site was hosted by Oni at rakuen.nu, who sadly closed his doors on Oct. 15, 2004. But basically, this all started because I wanted to create a site that I could expand on. I knew I wanted it to be anime and manga related, therefore the name. ^_^ I thought it was clever. haha...I first started off with a bishounen gallery & a chibi gallery. Then, I became a huge fan of the anime Fruits Basket and created a site in honor of the anime. It turned out to be my most visited site. Suddenly traffic to that site was like *WHOA* and it made me so happy. To this day, it's still got the most traffic out of the sites.

Anyways, there was a time when I started to write fan fictions, and for those who know...fanfiction.net used to go down ALOT, so I created *Words of Art* to house not only my fics but also some of my most favorite fics that I've read. I needed more space for the Fruits Basket site, sooooo I had to say good-bye to the chibi gallery. It wasn't visited very often and I didn't think anyone would miss it too much, although I really loved that layout.

Since rakuen.nu will be closing, I needed to find a new host, because I didn't want to lose my sites. So, now I'm being hosted by Tea over at owarinai.net. Tea's a friend of mine and I'm happy to be hosted by her. I'm sure she'll as fantabulous a host as Oni was. I also felt it would be a good time to change the name of the site to *daisuki*, which in Japanese means *to like something alot* That's what this site is. It's a I've created all these sites because they're all things I like. Writing, anime, manga, and by limiting it to just anime & manga, I wouldn't be able to really expand the site more in the future. I'd feel like it was restricted to just that. And that's it ^_^

.about the webmistress.

Hmmm...here's the basics. For those who care, my blog is here: Chelle's LJ.

My name's Rochelle, but most everyone calls me Chelle. I just turned 27 and I'm an accountant for a CPA firm here. haha..That's about it really. Work keeps me on my toes and I swear there aren't enough hours in a day to do all the things I want to do. It's the reason this place hasn't been updated in over a year (gomen people). I'm pretty dorky...I like making people smile n laugh. It hurts when a friend is all down, but I do my best to be there. I'm sort of clumsy too. Okay, well, I'm really clumsy. I used to not be, but now I hurt myself at least once a day. I always hit my leg on my stupid desk at work or I run into the doorknob to my office. =/

If you haven't figured it out, I love anime and manga. Been an avid fan for over 10 years? I liked it when I was in high school, but there weren't too many places to find it around here. Starbucks/Barnes n Noble is like my second home. Makes me sound like such a nerd, but yeah, I can be nerdy and I'm okay with that. haha...I like kpop,jpop, hiphop, and punk/emo...Favorite bands include The Killers, Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, & Blink182. On the kpop side, Drunken Tiger, 1TYM, Se7en, & Taebin. Jpop: L'arc en Ciel, Gackt, & Asian Kung Fu Generation.

I don't like vegetables. If it's the only thing there, then I guess I'd eat it, but it's not my first choice. I'm scared shitless of ghosts, and yet I believe in them. Stupid people piss me off. I don't have much tolerance for the stupid. Examples of stupid people: People on their cell phones while driving. It's allright if you can drive n talk at the same bloody time, but NOT too many people can do it. Parents who don't watch over their kids (and i'm talkin about lil kids). And then parents put all the blame on whoever else if their kid gets hurt, when it's really their fault for not paying enough attention to the kid. But, I won't even get into that story *grrrr* You can read about it in my blog. Fake people are also on my *stupid people* list. What's the point in saying hi to me if you don't like me? It makes no sense. It's like go away and quit wasting my time. ^_^

thank yous contact me linkage places to go the basics daisuki@owarinai.net