04.06.04 IMAGE GALLERIES UPDATED!!! yes friends, i have finished screencapping all the episodes and have added all the images for you all to see ^_____^ i'll be working on the rest of the site from now on (episode guides, profiles, wallpapers, media, etc.). thanks for everyone's patience. oh yeah! i'm still looking for more fics, fan art, & wallpapers, so if you have any to donate...email me!!!

03.29.04 Not a HUGE update, but an update none the less. I've fixed the whole hiro/kisa problem, or I hope I have. If it's still incorrect, slap me silly and tell me what's wrong. Also, added about SIX more fanfics for yall to read. Image update, this weekend!!

03.12.04 Sorry no update in so long. Been really busy with school n work =( Will be out of town for a while. Should see a new update in about 2 weeks. Thanks for your patience!

02.17.04 I had to edit Hiro's profile. Someone pointed out to me that Hiro and Kisa are NOT brother/sister??? For the life of me, I thought they were, as much as I watched episode 21, I coulda sworn...*sigh* But I fixed it. *chelle no baka* >_<

02.14.04 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! and *drumroll please* I UPDATED the image galleries (almost all of them), added Ritsu images as well as his and Hiro's profile.

02.12.04 I just realized that this site's one year anniversary is coming up! *yay* I'd like to say thank you to everyone who's visited my lil ole site. All the comments left in the guestbook make me feel all happy, so thanks everyone! Also, added two new Furuba fics for yall to read by Alyssa. Go check them out!

02.08.04 More fan art...and I had intended to finish screen capping the last four episodes and I was finished with two, when I told myself *Self, let's edit these and see if you can get these out.* So i'm looking for the images where they were SUPPOSED to have been saved...and they were NOT there. i can't find them anywhere on my bloody hard drive. i was so upset. still am, but i'm sorry yall. i really was working on it. all i can do is try again and hopefully, i find them. =/

One more thing...i know there are many of you who have linked my site on yours (which i really appreciate by the way) and i would like to return the favor. Please email me a link to your site and I'll update my links page asap. Thanks!

01.09.04 Put up two more pieces of fan art and more fanfiction!

11.23.03 Kyou, Yuki, Tohru, Shigure, n YuTo galleries updated. More FanArt added ^_^

11.22.03 I updated. YES I UPDATED!!!! WOOOT!!!! At this moment, I only have a few extra screencaps up that are new. Mainly Ayame, Kisa, added HIRO and lots more group pics. I'll have more tomorrow. Its just 2am and my eyes are closing. Hope you enjoy!!!

11.19.03 (pt.2) Okies, let me clear this up. Several people have emailed me about the hotlinking. I should have made this clear, but the owner of this site was hotlinking several images. i did ask the owner nicely to remove the images, but no response, so I had to do something about it. Therefore, now, if you direct link any images from my site, a nice lil picture pops up. =P I didn't mean to offend anyone, nor did i want to make yall feel bad. Absolutely not my intention and i apologize. I've already emailed several of you back regarding this.

11.19.03 No update, but recently I had a lil problem with someone direct linking images. Look guys, I don't mind if you use the images, but PLEASE use your own server space for it. I've already taken care of that problem though. For the ONE person out there who actually had my permission to direct link ONE image, I'm sorry. =/

10.16.03 FanArt and FanFiction for yall today ^_^

10.10.03 A CRY FOR HELP Allrighty, if anyone knows of a different screen capture program to use other than PowerDVD, please email me and help me out, so I can do this last dvd of the series. Sadly, my program is no longer working *cries* Other than that, I did add another piece of FanArt. ^_^

09.19.03 I know yall are waiting for more images and I promise I'm working on it. But for today, I added a piece of my own art. It's not great, but I wanted to add it anyways. I did it back in December when I first got into Fruits Basket.

09.04.03 EVEN MORE FAN ART FOR YOU! I'm working on the screen caps and on the episode guides, but I can't promise how soon they'll be up. Thanks for your patience guys ^_^

09.02.03 GOMEN!!!!!!!! I JUST noticed that the images on the second page of *Yuki & Tohru* were missing *cries* Anyways, they're up now. Sorry again guys =/

09.01.03 I apologize for the long delay in updates, but I was without a computer, but now I've got one again *jumps for joy* Today, more FAN ART ^___^ Thanks guys!!! Keep em comin!!

08.02.03 More fan art added ^__^ Thank you Li!! I love the Momiji one (so cute!!)

07.21.03 I added a few pieces of art work to the *fandom* section. Enjoy! Also, I'll be on vacation for the next week, so no updates till I return, and I've got quite a few images to add. ^_^

06.20.03 More pics for Yuuki, Kyou, Tohru, Kyou and Tohru, Kyou and Yuuki, Arisa, Saki, Hatori, Momiji, Shigure, Group pics, and i added the Prince Yuuki Fan Club. *whew* The final disc is now in my posession. Give it a couple of weeks and I should have another update with images from the rest of the anime.

05.21.03 Talk about site revamp. I've added a couple more things for you, other than more images ^_^ There's now an episode guide in the *story* page, but it's still under construction. I've also added a Fan page, so fan art, fan fictions are all welcome. Feel free to email me with your fan work! I'd love to post it on here.

04.03.03 Long time no update. Well, here's some news. I'll be getting the next dvd in soon, so hopefully I'll have more images added by the end of next week! I'll also be revamping this site too, as I have with the rest of Animanga Crossing.

02.19.03 Allrighty then. I felt like I should add an updates section to this part of the site, because it actually gets more hits than my main site, meaning, many of you don't get here from there. Make sense?

Anyways, so I've added a ton of pictures. All image galleries have been updated. AND...I've added a Kyou n Yuki gallery. I noticed I had plenty of those pictures and instead of keeping it in the *group* gallery, I made one just for them. ^_^