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Image Galleries

As I mentioned on the main page, all the screencaps you find on these pages were done by me. Seriously, it took me alot of time and effort to screencap the *perfect* shot. So, please, if you plan on using these images for your own sites n such, link back to this site and give proper credit. You don't even have to ask. Thanks!

IMPORTANT: Please PLEASE do not hotlink any images or files I may have on this site. If you want to show someone the image, direct them to the site. If you want to put them up on your websites/blogs/ljs/xangas, that's fine too, but save them on your own webspace. Don't have webspace?? There's plenty of free image hosting sites, like photobucket, that you can use instead.
--I appreciate those who have credited back the site, but honestly, posting images directly from this site eats up my bandwith, and I can't have that.

When you access these images, you'll see the thumbnails. Click on the thumbs to get the larger image. I'm sure that's known to most, but I've had quite a few people tell me my images were small, not knowing they had to click the thumbnail for a larger image. -_-

Individual Images

Group & Couples Images