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Hi there! You have just entered the Sohma household. Please, leave your shoes at the door, come on in and make yourself comfortable. ^_^ *gives you pocky*

Feel free to browse around. There's plenty of images, fan art, fan fics, and I'm working on adding more soon. (As soon as my hectic schedule calms down)

I have one and only ONE request. All these screen caps were done by me, and took forever and a day to do. So, if you plan on using these images for your own sites and such, please just link me. Easy right? Ya don't even have to ask ^_^ Also, if you do use the images on a site, let me know your site addy, so that I can link back. Thanks.

news & updates

10.22.04 ---PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK ANY IMAGES OR FILES FROM THIS SITE---my bandwith is being killed. I noticed many of you gave credit to the site and I appreciate that, but PLEASE save the images onto your own server. If you have been hotlinking images, you will now get a not so pleasant image in its place. I have no problems with images being used. Use all the images you want, as long as its on YOUR own server. Thank you! complaints? email me =P

09.28.04 **NEWS** Animanga Crossing::Fruits Basket Image Gallery has a new name (and a new home)! This site will now be known as Daisuki::Fruits Basket ^_^ As you can see, I've moved hosts, and I'm still in the process of transferring everything over, so if you find a link not working, don't worry. I'll get to it soon. I've actually been working really hard on this *move* I've got a few new sections added.

Let's see...things I've actually updated other than the layout:

  • The opening and ending songs for the anime are available for download
  • A couple of wallpapers have been added
  • The contact form is still here, but it's in the...(you guessed it) *contact* section

07.23.04 Can you email me when you update?? WHY YES I CAN! Just fill out the form on the right, under the navigation buttons, and say something along the lines of *add me to your mailing list*, and I'll let yall know when I update this site. Or, if you want to say hello, you can use that form as well. ^_^ Like the new layout? I felt the site needed a change, even if just a small one. hehe...

    Things I'm working on:
  • Media section is under construction. I'll be adding the opening/ending songs for the anime and quite possibly the lyrics too
  • Working on pretty wallpapers, although I'm a rookie in that department
  • Trying to finish more episode guides
  • Will be updating the character profiles too, and I try my best to keep them spoiler free, but with all the *new* info, there will be slight spoilers

:: Past updates here

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