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.anime & manga related.

--my host!! you'll find a collective of all her sites, and she's got everything: graphic/web design tips, inuyasha, fan fictions, artwork, etc..

--this site contains plenty of translations for imadoki and other works by yuu watase. i love this site.

--the absolute best shoujo manga scanslation site. they update often and the scans are top notch!!

--hana yori dango info site.manga translations.story line.etc.

--this is a TERRIFIC initial d site. she's got the maps of the mountain passes, image galleries, character profiles and lots more.

--rurouni kenshin manga translation site, plus other tidbits of interesting info.

.all the other good stuff.

: : FanFiction.Net your home for fanfiction galore

Oni's new site

you'll find stories and poems that'll blow you away

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